The 7 Ps to Consider when Taking the Plunge!

Posted on 27th October 2021

Are you starting a new a new venture or taking on a new challenging role? If so, consider the 7 Ps that you’re likely to encounter on the way.

1.     Passion

The desire to start may be accompanied by a rush of energy and zeal a desire to get started. It can be exhilarating! During this stage you have a rose tinted view of progression and what this journey may entail.

2.     Problem

Almost inevitable there will be problems on the way, they may be a result of unintended consequences of an action or decisions, or just issues that came up that could not have been anticipated. How many people planned a 2020 that turned out to be quite different from anything anyone could ever imagine!

3.     Pivot

The ability to be agile and change course is an essential part of business planning. It’s a factor that is noted on the journey of many businesses. We’ve heard about pivots so much this pandemic and some businesspeople have surveyed the world and made decision to pivot to ensure that they deliver a service or solution to meet new needs, solve new problems or come up with new ways to meet existing needs.

4.     Plans

A plan that shows milestones, provides forecasts on financials and key performance indicators will be part of your toolkit for client attraction and sales.  Setting out your key actions in a plan shapes priorities and gives a focus to how you work. Planning is critical to any new venture or project.

5.     Paradox

The paradox of business or any new career challenge is that it can be rewarding but it can bring realisations of accountability, vulnerability and fear.  The decision to start may have been inspired by strong feelings, but to succeed you must master these emotions. Sometimes, fear, insecurity or challenges might make you want to stop.  Stopping may eradicate the challenge but it also eradicates the opportunity.

6.     Perseverance

The difference between those who succeed and those that don’t, boils down to many factors, but a key attribute many successful individuals is a well-developed attitude towards carrying on even when challenges seem insurmountable.   Passion may start a journey of goal realisation, but perseverance will win the day when the inevitable obstacles show up.

7.     Pathway

The first step on a new path is a major milestone towards achievement as cliched as it sounds, the essential process towards achieving businesses success involves one bold step after the other until you start to see progress. The pathway metaphor is a useful way of looking at taking incremental action until you’re closer to your goals.

So where are you on your journey?

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