Organisational Development Essentials

Posted on 27th January 2022

Are you a business leader steering your organisation to succeed?

As well as focusing on growth plans there are some essentials tasks that if undertaken now, will help you to have a dynamic and focused first quarter of 2022 – 2023.

i. Systems Audit

Have you carried out an audit of all key systems within your organisation? Do you have them all optimised for efficiency or is there room for improvement?

ii.  Risk Assessment

Hopefully you’ll be doing risk assessments with a specific focus on health and safety in the light of the pandemic but what about an organisation risk assessment. This is a comprehensive look at ALL elements of your organisation identifying defiencies and putting mitigations in place.

iii. Team Development

 When was the last time you surveyed your team and acted on the findings? If you’ve, been so busy ‘getting on with business’ that you haven’t found time to focus on developing the team that help you stay in business, this is the time to take stock and find out how they’re getting on. An anonymous employee survey is a great first step to get team development on the top of the agenda for the next quarter.

iv. Planning Process Review

 How robust are your planning systems? Do you have a clearly set out business planning methodology that considers the impact of the competition, current social, economic, and political context on your business?

January to March is the perfect time to refine, review and revise so many fundamental areas of your business. You have the benefit of being able to evaluate business activity for the preceding year and you can also set new targets and milestones based on these evaluations. The challenge is for leaders to avoid being so reactive and busy that you stop making time to concentrate on development activities for your business.

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