Change for March! 5 Quick Tips to Change!

Posted on 1st March 2022

March is a brilliant time for renewal. In business it’s the time for reviews and revisions.  This time is for new planning cycles, new budgets, and new projects.

This is a great time to reflect on the rest of the year and start new projects for development aligned to your growth goals.

Preparing to change can be exhilarating and daunting and for March let’s prepare our businesses and ourselves to change. In March DDC invites everyone in our community to start a spring challenge and see where it leads. Here are some quick pointers to get you started:

1.     Set a secret challenge for the month of March

Write it down and break your challenge down into SMART objectives. Your challenge can be beyond March, set your timeline and  give yourself a month to achieve some headway so that you have a month of momentum.

2.     Fight self-sabotage

It’s easy to be overwhelmed and procrastinate when we have a challenge. Prepare your mind by telling yourself to take small steps and don’t be deterred by difficult moments. Allow for the fact that there will be times when it will be daunting but these times can be overcome.

3.     Make yourself accountable

The best way to do this is get a mentor coach or join a peer support group. This should not be underestimated, the power of hearing from others and sharing what’s happening in a confidential setting can accelerate progress.

4.     Avoid toxic saboteurs

This is very important! There are many people in business and personal circles that can support you on your growth journey, there are also some that can sabotage your growth. If you have perpetual critics or people that never feedback on your positive attributes or  good work, do your best to avoid or have  boundaried relationships with them.

5.     Carry out periodic evaluations

This is so rewarding, make note of your progress and learning points. This will keep you focused and on track.

If you need help in any of this, we’d be delighted to hear from you, please get in touch with Gloria  by email

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