Seven Signs of Stagnation

Posted on 18th May 2022

Growth is vital in personal and business development. There are cycles to the process and sometimes during this cycle, it can be unclear that growth is happening. This is  because not all growth is visible. Sometimes growth is not obvious. Part of the growth process involves initiating and managing change processes that will all contribute to growth. This could be conceptualising ideas, overcoming challenges, taking risks, or  quietly reflecting and reviewing whilst the growth trajectory is still taking place. It’s always worth checking that you are still on the growth trajectory and not stagnating. Here are some signs that stagnation is a risk:

1.     Lack of clear direction or focus

2.     Excelling in your purpose is not a driver

3.     You’re constantly acting from old habits rather than innovative thinking

4.      You’re more reactive than proactive

5.     You’re no longer taking risks

6.     Evaluations and reviews are not part of your standard practice

7.     Feedback is not sought or acted on

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