5 Ways Dynamic Development Consulting (DDC) Can Help Your Business

Posted on 6th July 2021

Successful SMEs are the backbone of the British economy but the road to success is not easy. Transitioning from a micro business to a business that is ready to scale and enhance its operations can be  daunting.  The work to prepare for growth has so many elements and if you are already in growth mode there are so many aspects that require management and careful overseeing. A reality for any business  is the need to focus on client acquisition, income generation and service delivery. The management of the business operations or delivering the core business to a high standard can be where the first cracks in a growth or sustainability plan can show up.

Here are  5 ways DDC can help:

1.     Strategic Planning

It’s easy to be reactive and just focus on the day to day to day without  mapping out goals for the next 3 – 5 years can be a luxury if you don’t have a Senior Management Team to share ideas. You may need an experienced  professional that understands how organisations work to help establish a road map for the next 3 or so years.

This could be a short-term assignment to deliver a plan and set up milestones and benchmarks.  It could be a complete review of your existing strategy and  planning process. It could be a more fundamental review,  creating, a vision, mission and setting up key performance indicators. After this deep dive, we will write the document with an action plan and content that makes it a live working document to structure work activities and priorities.

2.     Essential Management tasks

The skills needed to be a visionary leader can be quite different from those needed to build structure and systems. Lack of time, inclination or skills need not impede  your ability to build a robust management structure. You may not be ready to recruit a Senior Management Team  or go through the expense of a C suite executive, but you know you need extra support to increase your productivity and efficiency. DDC can help in a number of ways. This can involve outsourcing  a wide variety of essential responsibilities  from policy and system development, managing operations, compliance work or carrying out any element of management. We can also provide support to attain accreditation for quality standards or other benchmarks.

3.     Outsource HR  and performance management

Putting everything in place, to recruit, induct, train and manage a team can be a minefield and it’s time consuming. Businesses can benefit from a partner in organisational development to take on these tasks. This can include issuing the correct contracts following the right procedures and even providing  foundational support to build and motivate high performing  teams so that your people are an  asset to  your business.

4.     Access to  management and leadership labs

The  management and leadership labs provide a  space to share challenges, discuss practical solutions and includes group coaching and access to individual mentoring. We know that leadership can be lonely with many complex  issues so  these ‘labs’ provides a safe, confidential and supportive space to brainstorm. The programme is  two tiered, one is open to business leaders and senior managers and  a further tier is  open to newly promoted managers. Our experience has shown these  provide a useful and much needed space for  reflection, sharing and the  development of leadership and management insights.

5.      Growth Acceleration

This supports mission driven organisations to work on their growth programmes. It provides leaders with tools to differentiate, increase performance, carry out systemic reviews and improvement actions. Unlike many consultancy companies, we don’t just provide a range of recommendations and walk away, we provide a range of  ‘done for you’ services and consultancy support which is designed to focus on organisational development and growth.

We can do many projects remotely or in person but we will always strive to exceed expectations.

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