Audits and Plaudits

Posted on 5th August 2021

The main focus on organisational development is looking at how to transform organisations and people to take  improvement actions towards success.
It’s rigorously systematic. It starts with audits, system reviews, culture analyses, reviews of structure, processes and so on. It can be brutal. You don’t go to see a doctor with a problem without going through an examination, the process is not dissimilar.

If you’re on a quest to transform and improve it can seem endless. You’ll find shortcomings, areas for improvement and when you succeed, you’ll find another weakness. Perfection is elusive. It’s also subjective.
 Sometimes, in the quest to develop organisations and individuals are hard on themselves and don’t recognise the achievements or progress made.  But it’s good to pause,  reflect and acknowledge these efforts. Ask yourself 3 questions:  

       I.          Do you regularly take stock of where you are in relation to goals?

     II.          Is development important to you?

    III.          Do you keep striving to improve even you don’t succeed the first time?

If you’ve answered yes to all of these questions, we applaud you! It’s so easy to bury your head in the sand, to shy away from major reviews or audits and to carry on doing things the same way just get by. On the other hand,  deciding to take steps to transform, develop or change is brave. We say take a bow! Acknowledge that you’re on a  journey and every time you commit to the process you get closer to your carefully defined destination.
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