Conquering self-limiting Beliefs

Posted on 30th April 2021

‘It needs more time’, ‘we’re not ready’, ‘I’m not ready’, ‘I can’t’ and so on.

These are the phrases some people have on silent repeat when faced with a new opportunity or new challenge. If we’re honest we’ve all used some of these albeit framed in slightly different ways.  Self-limiting beliefs can be very damaging and can delay or even prevent personal development.

Demolishing self-limiting beliefs, can be difficult. There will always be reasons to hesitate or avoid a certain course of action and some of these may be valid. It might well be a case of lack of preparedness; a need for more information, more research, more funding or more expertise, but sometimes, it just needs a leap of faith.

We have identified stagnation and low rates of progress in personal and organisational development terms as being directly related to the extent of being hostage to self-limiting beliefs or fear.  The reality is that what you focus on is magnified. If as an individual or organisation you decide to focus on obstacles, you will talk your way out of seeing the potential opportunities and will only see problems and pitfalls.  

That well recited saying of ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ is so apt here. In consulting, mentoring or coaching work, there is a beautiful almost invariable conclusion when working with individuals or organisations. In almost every situation, where  a leap of faith is taken, (obviously after being mindful of risks and planning concerns) the results are tangible growth.

It’s an amazing aspect of working in development,  seeing personal or organisational development when an individual or group decides to move forward even if there are obstacles.  One of the ways to test the development muscle is to try something new. It doesn’t always come naturally but it can kickstart major personal development.

When was the last time you tried something new? Some people make it a habit to try something new, every week, every month or every year.  You can also decide to overcome  self-limiting beliefs and in doing so start activate and actualise  your ideas and aspirations. The decision to take action is the first step, for example,  start a new business, develop a new business service, start a new course, start a new hobby, learn a new language or get a mentor.

At DDC we plan to launch a summer discovering dynamism series and we will be very interested to hear  about your journeys …

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