Discovering Dynamism Series Part 2 - Ready for change!

Posted on 1st June 2021

It’s official. A new month, it’s June. We’re almost halfway through the year.

For some of you more time at home  has been surprisingly rewarding. It’s been half a year of preparing personal development opportunities, managing through the pandemic conditions with more time, to do online courses, read, network online and now with an end in sight, it feels like the dawn of a new era. Or does it? Does it feel like a huge landscape of opportunity awaits, or has lockdown made you languish in the feeling of the ‘same old, same old’?

Many people were not able to luxuriate in new learning opportunities or life affirming leisure pursuits and for them, the feeling of stagnation may be intense. For several reasons, wanting change and being able to initiate change can be incredibly difficult.

It can be easier to keep going, even if what we’re doing is underwhelming and unfulfilling.

Perhaps you really want to change but you have no idea how to take the first steps.  You might be terrified of ending the year exactly where you started and think that your options are limited.

At DDC, we understand through our mentoring work that changing course can be complicated, painful and full of uncertainty. That’s why we don’t use a cookie- cutter approach with our services. If you’d like a confidential chat about how we can help, please email us

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