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Gloom or Bloom! Ready for change

31st December 2021

Even if you’re not prone to extensive analysis for most people the end of the year signals the end of an era and the start of a new era. Some people are gloomy at this time of the year, full of  regret, thinking about lost oppo ...
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Lessons From 2021

17th December 2021

Covid lockdowns, business interruptions and the threat of more of the same made 2021 a challenging year for many. Many of us lost loved ones, others suffered huge business and personal losses that can create ripple effects in ev ...
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The Generation Series - Generation Z

10th December 2021

In the last of our generation series, we make Gen Z the centre of our focus.   Gen Z are individuals born after 1997. They have distinct generational hallmarks. They are children of the internet age, and their digital lives are ...
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Motivation for December

1st December 2021

December is finally here! Many people are looking forward to the rest and the opportunity for relaxation and enjoyment. It’s a great time to start preparing for a dynamic new year. Here are 3 reasons that December is great for ...
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Experts, Expertise and Engagement!

20th November 2021

We all need experts. Experts need experts. It’s interesting to see how experts engage experts. Lawyers need accountants, entrepreneurs need, marketing experts, management consultants and so on. Recently a client shared a story ...
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The Doughnut Problem

1st November 2021

Business problems can be likened to trying to make doughnuts for sale. You need the right proportion of the right ingredients, each performing a critical function to achieve the result. Then they need to be presented for sale. W ...
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The Generation Series – Generation Y

29th October 2021

Continuing with our generation series, this month we analyse Generation Y, better known as 'the millennials’.  They’re an age group that is ambitious, self-aware, digitally savvy with a social conscience and concern for the wide ...
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The 7 Ps to Consider when Taking the Plunge!

27th October 2021

Are you starting a new a new venture or taking on a new challenging role? If so, consider the 7 Ps that you’re likely to encounter on the way. 1.     Passion The desire to start may be accompanied by a rush of energy and zeal ...
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3 Lessons from Pearls

11th October 2021

In business and in leadership it can sometimes seem as if we must present as perfect to attract business, retain clients and to sustain our business. Yet if the truth be told perfection is an unachievable aspiration, flaws can b ...
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Be Bold!

1st October 2021

Being in business has been described as one of the greatest steps towards controlling your own destiny. The reality is there are so many factors, that can throw up uncertainties, obstacles, and doubt and whilst being in control ...
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