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The Generation Series – Generation X

24th September 2021

1965 – 1980 Continuing with our generation series, this month we analyse Generation X, an age group that is self-reliant, resourceful, and independent. We’re not examining the popular Billy Idol, punk rock band Generation X (a ...
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The Generation Series: Baby Boomers

20th September 2021

Reflecting on working styles and characteristics, by generation our team member, Rebecca Stenson, has come up with the generation series: Baby Boomers 1946 - 1964 We all have our unique personality with individual quirks and c ...
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Dwindling, Undermining and Uplifting: 2 Dangerous Leadership Styles to Avoid.

17th September 2021

Over years of working with leaders, there are often many different motivations and characteristics that come to the fore in their leadership style.  Some leaders struggle to see the impact they have on others in their business. ...
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Where is the cheese?

6th September 2021

Many years ago, a friend of mine had a problem with cheese. She loved cheese, particularly blue cheese and would buy it to nibble as an occasional treat. One day she said she was chairing a meeting and about a third of a way th ...
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7 Steps for Navigating the New Normal in the Workplace

24th August 2021

Change has been a massive part of the last 18 months.  The pre-covid way of working has shifted. Remote working has become mainstream, and the changes imposed by the pandemic have influenced how working life will be structured f ...
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Audits and Plaudits

5th August 2021

The main focus on organisational development is looking at how to transform organisations and people to take  improvement actions towards success.It’s rigorously systematic. It starts with audits, system reviews, culture analyse ...
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5 reasons to make time to switch off!

5th August 2021

August always feels like an opportunity to relax. Even if you haven’t booked a holiday or you’re still working, many people are consciously looking at ways to take the pressure off. It’s the perfect opportunity to take stock. Fo ...
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Networking and Businessing

3rd August 2021

We were delighted to partner with Introbiz, the amazing networking organisation to discuss networking and businessing.  DDC is passionate about supporting businesses, with practical help to navigate growth, to help with manageme ...
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8 Strategies to Slay the Inner Critic

9th July 2021

We come across the inner critic in a number of ways, self-limiting beliefs, second guessing,  and the bestower of  generous portions of doubt.  Thankfully, the inner critic can be faced off. The strategies below can help turn th ...
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5 Ways Dynamic Development Consulting (DDC) Can Help Your Business

6th July 2021

Successful SMEs are the backbone of the British economy but the road to success is not easy. Transitioning from a micro business to a business that is ready to scale and enhance its operations can be  daunting.  The work to prep ...
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