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Slay the Inner Critic

29th June 2021

Have you got a harsh inner critic? The inner critic can be brutal and persistent. A voice that reminds you of your shortcomings and is relentless in pointing out when you’ve made a mistake. Psychologists and psychotherapists h ...
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5 Productivity Hacks

29th June 2021

Professional productivity and personal time. Hectic hustle and healing headspace. How do we attain the structure that prevents burnout while achieving the growth we desperately want to see in our business? We’ve seen the other ...
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Reflections and Lessons From my Father

20th June 2021

Father’s Day is a day for reflection and a time to acknowledge the impact your father has had in your life. 12 years ago, my mentor and beloved father, left this world.  The feeling of loss will be familiar to anyone one who ha ...
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Discovering Dynamism Part 3 – 3 Strategies to Discover your Dynamism

10th June 2021

We’re passionate about helping organisations and business leaders find their dynamism. We define dynamism as intentional and productive activities towards progress. There are 3 elements involved in discovering your dynamism: ...
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Discovering Dynamism Series Part 2 - Ready for change!

1st June 2021

It’s official. A new month, it’s June. We’re almost halfway through the year. For some of you more time at home  has been surprisingly rewarding. It’s been half a year of preparing personal development opportunities, managing t ...
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Discovering Dynamism Series Part 1 - Anti-Model Audits

25th May 2021

In the workplace and in business characteristics like drive, tenacity, grit, decisiveness, focus, and forthrightness are often seen as essential on the pathway to success. Conversely, when discussing factors that struggling man ...
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The Benefits of Group Coaching

10th May 2021

Healthy team dynamics is essential for a healthy work culture. We all thrive in environments where there is trust, camaraderie and where there is encouragement to succeed. Sometimes, in the focus on profitability and the bottom ...
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Conquering self-limiting Beliefs

30th April 2021

‘It needs more time’, ‘we’re not ready’, ‘I’m not ready’, ‘I can’t’ and so on. These are the phrases some people have on silent repeat when faced with a new opportunity or new challenge. If we’re honest we’ve all used some of t ...
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Problems and Perceptions

13th April 2021

In Executive A eyes, he was amazing. 10 years in 3 blue chip companies, rapid promotions and a track record of success. In each company he had in his words achieved the following:      1.  Wiped the floor with colleagues       ...
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Teams – Six Signs of Dysfunction

24th March 2021

In our work at DDC, we come across many examples of teams that are not working to their optimal capacity. Usually, the tensions show up in a number of ways which eventually lead to a toxic culture, unhappy people and an erosion ...
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