The Generation Series: Baby Boomers

Posted on 20th September 2021

Reflecting on working styles and characteristics, by generation our team member, Rebecca Stenson, has come up with the generation series:

Baby Boomers 1946 - 1964

We all have our unique personality with individual quirks and characteristics.  We don’t often think that we’re also shaped by the generation that we were born in – but this can have a huge bearing on who we are. Every generation has its own set of characteristics, shaped by similar experiences, backgrounds and popular culture.  So, in our generation series we’re reflecting on these broad characteristics by generation.

Baby boomers, born between 1946 and 1964 are the largest generation. After World War 2, the age of marriage dropped and the number of children increased dramatically, making the generation substantially larger than others. They are devoted, driven and have helped to break the glass ceiling for females in the  western hemisphere.  

Work ethic

Baby boomers hold a strong work ethic with self-worth directly coming from their personal achievements. They are motivated by position, perks and prestige, having worked hard to climb up the ranks. They can be real workaholics!


They are confident, self-reliant and independent. They have grown up during a time of reform and belief that they can change the world. They are goal orientated after having increased educational and financial opportunities than previous generations. They strive to make a difference.


Many of this generation will work the same role, job or sector for their entire life. They may find comfort in having a job, with their colleagues classed as their ‘work family’.

Glass ceiling

The women of this generation broke the stigma of working whilst having a family. Along with the previous generation, they cracked the glass ceiling for generations to arise and conquer.

What can we learn from the Baby Boomers?

Their experience is unique. At this stage, many are thinking of retiring but their roles have reshaped our society, creating more opportunities for all. They have shown themselves to be resilient and resourceful.

These are obviously generalisations; we love hearing about alternative experiences and characteristics.

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