How We Work

‘Activating Positive Change’

Organisational development is business growth. Organisational Development (OD) involves the practice of managing organisational change. It is an applied science which requires robust research, testing of hypotheses and the evaluation of results. It uses systematic and proven techniques towards a continuous process of effective organisational change.

An effective and productive organisation requires a series of good systems to function at it best. These include, efficient processes, a healthy culture, good people/teams and good managers and leaders. We firmly believe that a focus on continuous improvement in all of these areas will have a positive impact on the financial and overall health of the company.

We customise services for each client and avoid a generic approach. We recognise that each client is unique. Our consulting phases broadly include:

How We Work

1. Discovery

We will meet with you and key members of your team to understand more about your organisation.

2. Diagnostics

Through additional study, meetings, observations and interviews, we will further analyse and develop insights into your organisation and its business dynamics.

3. Debrief

We will provide a comprehensive overview and an organisational and culture audit.

4. Design

We will lead your organisation through a structured process to design the content, processes and outcomes required by your organisational development or improvement plan.

5. Dynamic Delivery

Our commitment is to work with our clients to build a strategic roadmap for their specific business challenges and offer them competitive implementation terms.  Improving business performance will involve a series of interventions which need to engage those at the heart of leading and delivering change and setting out objectives with a road map and tools to get there. Ultimately, improved performance is our goal and this is at the heart of the DDC approach. We have a package of solutions and practices that can help you to improve productivity and communications with key stakeholders, improve efficiency, and overall achieve effective, well informed, business management.

6. Dynamic Development Services

Clients will have access to our ongoing support and access to our services to create a comprehensive evaluation plan that reflects continuous improvement.

DDC Courses and Training

We deliver training through the DDC Academy. We can also design a programme around your specific needs.

Our training courses includes optional toolkits and add -on services.

DDC Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and Mentoring are similar, both services offer an opportunity for analysis, reflection and action that will enable the client to achieve success.

The mentoring relationship begins with a clear setting out of goals that may be long term. It is an important element of continuous professional development. It recognises that the process of change and self-assessment comes through the provision of careful guidance and support and a sense of progression and insights that create change.

Coaching is more focused on a particular issue and tends to be for a shorter period of time. Our coaching is rooted in organisational development and takes a holistic approach. It can challenge existing business/organisational practices and will often recommend remedial actions and immediate changes.

DDC recognises that the process of change and self-assessment comes through the provision of careful guidance and support.

Executive Management Services

Our management services work best when they are carried out over a period of time. For this reason, we provide our management service on a subscription basis for a minimum of 3 months. We have flexible plans that are based on agreed deliverables.


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