Fully experienced and insured to deliver a comprehensive range of services that deliver dynamic management solutions and consultancy services to support organisations to develop, overcome challenges and succeed with business goals.

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DDC Academy | Consultancy Icon | Services Consultancy

Our consultancy services are delivered using appropriate techniques and tools to deliver results. Consultancy usually involves change management services starting with an analysis and review of your current situation and then working with you to resolve challenges. You might spend so much time ‘doing’ that you don’t have the time to stand back, plan, consider the big picture or implement improvement actions. Our consultancy approach is about delivering fresh perspectives to resolve business problems, we invest huge energy and effort to create lasting and significant change.

DDC is passionate about supporting organisations of whatever size, not for profit organisations and commercial companies with organisational development and change management needs.

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DDC Academy | Management Icon | Services Dynamic Management Solutions

DDC provides intensive short term management assistance for a designated management project for any period up to 6 months.  

It is designed to provide assistance to founders or executives with a specific management issue that needs immediate attention.

Examples of where we can help you:

  • Start-up project management
  • Performance management/ Staff management
  • Business planning
  • Policy development
  • Systems development
  • HR
  • Risk management
  • Quality management programmes towards accreditation
  • Programme and project management
  • Evaluation services
  • Engagement surveys and action plans
  • Bid writing
  • Strategy development
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DDC Academy | Training | Teamwork | Joined Hands

DDC Academy | Training Icon | Services | DDC Training & Continuous Professional Development Courses Training and Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

The Dynamic Development Academy is the place to develop and hone organisational development, management and leadership skills entirely based on your needs.

This means the training like everything we do at DDC is tailored to meet your specific needs. We deliver this by:

  • Designing and delivering leadership and management courses
  • Designing and delivering group development and planning days
  • Bespoke courses to support business and organisational development
  • Mentoring and coaching programmes twinned with training and practical courses

Management training is essential for effective management. Numerous studies show that lack of management training leads to burnout, low productivity, low team morale and performance problems. Our courses can be part of a CPD and /or provide tips and techniques to provide the key essentials to refresh your management practice. Training is delivered in person or online.

Our development programmes can be accessed by founders, leaders and new or established managers.

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DDC Academy | Special Training Icon | Services | Female Founders Programme Women's Business Programme:
Dyna Dev Club

The Dyna Dev  (DD) Club – is designed to support go getting, entrepreneurial women that need a confidential space to share the trials and triumphs of life as an entrepreneur. Whether you’re a start-up or experienced entrepreneur, you will find this programme helpful in providing insights and tips to support you on your journey.

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DDC Academy | Training Icon | Services | DDC Training & Continuous Professional Development Courses Executive Management Services

DDC provides an enhanced management service to work in place of a Senior Management Team or to work as an interim Executive.

This service is a bespoke service which provides access to an Executive to support the variety of management functions which are necessary in every organisation or new business. The service provides smart management solutions offered in a flexible and sensitive way. Through this service clients can access the support of a long term Executive for a set number of hours to provide a professional management service. This service is suitable for established organisations or start-ups that have a management deficit but do not immediately want to pay for permanent full time or permanent staff members. The service can set up management systems and carry out strategic management work as required.

If you have management gaps or simply need experienced hands to improve your management structure and results, we can help.

We offer services from 12 hours a month for a minimum of 6 months. For an initial discussion please contact us to arrange an initial consultation.

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DDC Academy | Special Training Icon | Coaching | Services Coaching

The best way to describe a coaching relationship is like having a critical friend supporting you to achieve specific goals. The two way relationship is very useful for individuals and organisations that may feel ‘stuck’ dealing with a particular issue. It is also invaluable as a follow up to consulting work that has identified defiencies or areas for improvement within the organisation, management or leadership team. We offer coaching to individuals and teams. For more information:

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DDC Academy | Mentoring | Woman Mentors Two Individuals

DDC Academy | Training Icon | Services | DDC Training & Continuous Professional Development Courses Mentoring

A good mentor provides, a safe and confidential space to reflect on goals and challenges. The mentoring experience involves trust and respect. The main benefit of mentoring is that it provides a sounding board and insights which can help the mentee find solutions. Through the expertise of an impartial mentor, the mentoring experience can be transformative. For c-suite executives, founders or new managers mentoring can provide an essential tool for reflection and developing personal and business effectiveness.

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 DDC Academy | Special Training Icon | Services | Courses & Training Dynamic Development Solutions Plus

DDC specialises in understanding an organisation’s vision and aligning strategy and activity through our work on strategy, systems, staffing, culture, leadership and management training, we can make a positive contribution.

Stay up to date with strategic planning, development and management with our comprehensive package of support. If you or your organisation needs an audit, development services, planning support, help to transform or more efficient management, we can help. Our services are versatile and designed to inspire progress, creativity and a self-reflective and proactive culture. 

We provide a subscription service which offers access to all elements of our services so that you have a complete package of support to help every step of the way. This is offered as a 12 month subscription service tailored to meet your specific needs. You/your team get VIP access to academy courses and membership offers.

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Gloria is a visionary with a solution focused and pragmatic approach to business having worked with her on some complex organisational agendas her ability to convey complex issues and break these down into manageable tasks was refreshing resulting in a complete turnaround and strategic realignment of businesses and departments. Gloria is a tenacious and committed professional who is very supportive of individuals and works collaboratively across departments ensuring that everyone is involved. Gloria is very committed and I look forward to working with her again in the near future.
- Patrick Moloney, Management Consultant

Thank you for the superb session. I really enjoyed the opportunity to consider strategic options with your excellent facilitation skills. Thank you for organising.
- Deborah, Horizons

You’ve helped us work through some complicated issues in a way that was just not possible before. Great work.
- John Williamson, MK


Professional, challenging in a kind and constructive manner. Thank you for being so clear headed.
- Delia, Client

Such fantastic tools and amazing clarity. You’ve been great!
- Isabella, Client

We ended up where we always wanted to be and with your patient and professional guidance, we have greater clarity. Thank you.
- Julia Brown, Client
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