Problems and Perceptions

13th April

In Executive A eyes, he was amazing. 10 years in 3 blue chip companies, rapid promotions and a track record of success. In each company he had in his words achieved the following:      1.  Wiped the floor with colleagues       ...
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24th March

In our work at DDC, we come across many examples of teams that are not working to their optimal capacity. Usually, the tensions show up in a number of ways which eventually lead to a toxic culture, unhappy people and an erosion ...
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5 Traits of Good Leaders

18th March

Every business or organisation needs good leadership. Inadequate or bad leadership creates problems that can create reputational damage, diminish the ability to achieve business goals and can have a negative impact on everyone w ...
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How Self Awareness Can Improve Your Management Skills

28th February

To be a great manager, you need to have many tools in your arsenal. Some of these tools include efficient time management, the ability to make decisions quickly and effectively, being able to give feedback that provides value an ...
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The ‘Safety Zone’ - a case study

19th February

‘You’re wasting your time’. This was the sharp comment issued sullenly from the Senior Manager sat with her arms across her chest, cold stares and plenty of attitude. The context was a one to one meeting designed to elicit suppo ...
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Organisational Development as a Tool to Deal with Organisational Challenges

12th January

The events of 2020 have been difficult for many companies. The need to refocus, review and revise plans has been at the forefront of strategic priorities. Leadership teams have been challenged to re-evaluate or to use a buzz phr ...
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5 Quick Tips for Effective Management

21st December 2020

Good management increases morale, productivity and contributes to a healthy organisational culture. Unfortunately, we are all very aware of the fallout of bad management and the negative impact on efficiency, wellbeing and the b ...
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