3 Challenges of Managing Multi-disciplinary Teams

Posted on 20th June 2022

In business the reliance on multi-disciplinary  teams makes for greater productivity but there can be  challenges. Here are 3 challenge and  solutions.

Confusion in terms of responsibilities and   duplication of effort can occur if there are ‘too many cooks’ without direction.  Teams need coherent management and leadership.

Investing time in planning fosters clarity and a clear sense of direction. If leadership is andeqaute teams tend to drfit, or find ways to manage which may mean conflicting agendas and tension. Investing in planning  and operational meetings sets the bigger picture and serves as a road map to set the context for core activities.

2. Internal rivalries   and competition

Sometimes, rivalries based on function and perceived status or roles can cause negative team dynamics. Effective and well facilitated  team meetings and good management, team members can learn about their colleagues work, priorities and contribution to the big picture.

Management is essential to highlight invisible and essential work as well as high profile work which tends to be the focus of attention. The focus needs to be on respecting the different roles and expertise so that all team members feels valued.

3. Poor coordination and Information sharing

This can be exacerbated where there are various experts in an organisation marked  by  a culttre of poor communication.  In this environment  information can be witheld as a power currency leading to a  chaotic working environment. Regular one to one meetings, team briefings and collaborative tools to encourge sharing updates and the flow of critical information.

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