The Benefits of Group Coaching

Posted on 10th May 2021

Healthy team dynamics is essential for a healthy work culture. We all thrive in environments where there is trust, camaraderie and where there is encouragement to succeed. Sometimes, in the focus on profitability and the bottom line, a focus on team building can be a low priority and then it can be too late to stop the fallout. Prevention is always better than cure.

When team building is in crisis we see:

Poor communications

Poor communication is a sign of toxicity. This covers several dysfunctional areas.  Information is treated as a power currency and is held in the hands of a few, not shared as appropriate or it is unclear.  There can also be another symptom of toxicity - communications as camouflage syndrome. This is the situation whereby on the face of it, communication is happening and seems fine – but beneath the surface, there is a complete disconnect between what is said and the actual reality. These combined with poor communications systems can have a detrimental effect on overall organisational performance. It is hugely damaging to staff morale.

Unnecessary Conflict

Conflict in the workplace usually happens due to poor leadership, poor communication or a combination of both. It can be a sign of a lack of investment in team building. This results in loss of productivity due to stress, unplanned absences, high turnover or management time wasted as manager are  caught up in dealing with disciplinaries or grievances.

Group coaching can help prevent and resolve problems with team dynamics.

1.     The 4 Benefits of Group coaching

                 I.          Fosters a healthy and collaborative team

               II.          Builds morale and productivity by providing an in-depth focus on issues that is not possible on a day to day 

             III.          It shines the light on operational blind-spots – areas that are not necessarily obvious to management team

            IV.          It builds understanding of goals and vision and reinforces values

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