Be Bold!

Posted on 1st October 2021

Being in business has been described as one of the greatest steps towards controlling your own destiny. The reality is there are so many factors, that can throw up uncertainties, obstacles, and doubt and whilst being in control may be true for some business leaders, without support most will at some point struggle. Being bold in business means knowing when and how to reach out for support and stepping out to of your comfort zone to scale up.

According to research, peer groups help grow business and can accelerate growth twice or three time as much as their normal levels.

Interestingly many business leaders see meeting up with peers as a luxury.  Catching up over a coffee with peers may seem like an indulgence when you have deadlines but here are 3 key gains:

1.     A confidential space to share successes and challenges

2.     Inspiration and insights to deal with specific issues

3.     Access to partners and experts

Business groups offering peer support are a business imperative and should be considered as part of a growth strategy. The Dyna Dev (DD) Club is structured to support women in business. This is an opportunity to meet peers in a facilitated and carefully curated environment in a programme structured over 12 months.

As part of the club, we also refer people to our networks and contacts that can offer specific support as   relevant.

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