Congruence, Contradictions & Challenge

Posted on 16th May 2022

In an ideal world there would be a complete synergy between people, policy processes and the culture and heart and soul of a business would all be beautifully aligned.  The reality in many cases can be very different.     How many times have you noticed a major contradiction in the values an organisation espouses and how they carry out their business?

Customers/clients, suppliers’ staff and other key stakeholders may see these contradictions and if these impact negatively on their dealings with the business, it can be costly in terms of client or staff acquisition and retention. It will also lead to demotivated teams. 

Often the contradictions have become embedded into the culture of the business, and it can be very hard to see as business like human being have blind spots. It’s easy to accept the standard way of doing things as the only way of doing things. Complacency can set in very easily if the business is getting by yet doing less that its potential.

Therefore, it’s important to regularly invest in an organisational review of your business and review the operations and culture against your mission, vision and business objectives.

Obviously, there will always be contradictions because organisations are made up of people and human fallibility and external issues can all lead to less than exceptional performance from time to time. There are also natural development paradoxes. However, if there is a consensus that the way your business works lacks congruence with the vision, values, mission or stated objectives, a review is the best thing you can do. The congruence model in change management examines how an organisation works as a system and considers how each area can be improved and work better together.  Third party business reviews are effective because they’re an objective analysis of all areas that are fundamental to culture and productivity.

The best type of review is rigorous, reinvigorating and challenging.   An independent review provides challenge and solutions to transform your business.

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